Friday, October 31, 2014

A bit of saffron and a bit of green................

I could have gone with the winds of 1947
I could have shifted to a new air,
But I too share some drops of blood
So accepted the most of red with the new border.

I could have left you alone with the saffron
I could have made a new base,
But found it difficult to leave my birthplace,
So accepted the most of dark with my own brothers.

I could have killed a son or a husband,
I could have planned to fight for colors,
But someone is needed to make it calm,
So accepted a bit of saffron and a bit of green.


  1. I think yr best that i have read till now... very deep...

  2. Very beautiful & meaningful, its just........ awesome :).
    I wish everyone could think d same way.