Friday, October 31, 2014

One Fine Day....we will have peace in the world

One fine day the world will be ours
beholding the truth, beholding the trust,
Sun rays would be allowed to the deepest darkness,
solitude will be given adieu with full warmness,

one fine day you can touch my soul,
understanding the word unspoken before,
The path to be walked hand in hand ,
will be free of fire and blood stains,

One fine day I can trust you to love me,
when all that frictions will be given a clear way,
I can come to hide when there is no peace,
I can come to hide when I am in full peace.

One fine day we will miss the border,
Tracking the shadows will no more be stronger,
You and I can be changed to us,
Why can't India and Pak have the same Indus.

1 comment:

  1. We are waiting for that fine day since 50 years.. alas little progress :(..

    Anyways nicely written, great on optimism :)

    Peace is what world requires now, and its not too hard to find.. just everyone has to look in their own hearts,peace is there